When you need to know what the inventory and the equipment is worth,

the professionals at Strategic Assets Consulting

delivers a defensible Certified Appraisal Report

that will withstand scrutiny.

Put us to the test.

Our Company

We are Strategic Assets Consulting and we love what we do. We serve our clients coast-to-coast and world wide. Located near Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton, Texas, we are only a quick plane ride or phone call away.

With over 14 years of experience in equipment appraisal, we are a sought after and respected Appraiser. With a background as a Certified Legal Assistant, we are often called upon for expert witness testimony.


Our mission is clear ... Provide to our clients with the best practices of inventory and equipment appraisal delivering a USPAP compliant Certified Appraisal Report.

We are an advocate of the appraisal and follow USPAP Standards 7 & 8. We uphold the ethics and standards of the National Association of Certified Appraisers and NEBB Institute.


We love helping our clients achieve success. The possibilities of growth are endless and can mean the difference between closing the doors and excelling.

Who can really get excited or passionate about equipment? Yes, we can and do! Working with our clients during an equipment appraisal is exciting because we get to see first hand a variety of businesses and uses of equipment. Since we are an advocate of the appraisal and not of any person or entity, equipment values are "what they are" ... what the market says they are worth. We're skilled and experienced in applying the approaches, methodologies, and intensively researching the market.

Why we what we do...

Because we have clients like you!

Let’s find out what your inventory and its equipment is worth.

We are a team of dedicated professionals who deliver a substantiated defensible value you can rely upon and that will withstand scrutiny.